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Composition (meaning) :  

 - the act of combining parts or elements, a structure, something which is composed, an aggregate material, an artwork -

This is the past and could be the future as well. It is Earth and could be another planet as well. 
What do humans do when first setting foot on an uncivilized land? Surely, they would start by looking at the scenery before their eyes and walking on the ground beneath their feet. They would then start walking and deepen their understanding of that land. And to leave a footprint, evidence of their having been there, they will maybe leave something there, create something, bring in something, or build something. They will rejoice in finding out new phenomena and making new discoveries, and their curiosity will lead them to make many experiments. They may also sometimes fail and go back to the beings in that land to pray. 
All of these behaviors make humans, which are only one of many entities in the universe and in nature, appear as particularly unique. In their pursuit of harmony with nature and the land, they sometimes achieve results which are far from harmonious. Human behaviors and creativity sometimes become as contaminants to the universe and to nature, but humans from any age have never stopped in their attempts. 
These photographs represent that which comes right after primitive human behavior: the first action driven by creativity. In other words, this “First Composition” is a representation of the first acts of creativity upon reaching a new land, which are unique to humans, and the scenery which these acts create.



 - 構成する、組み立てる、構造物、構成された状態、作品


これは人間の原始的行動の次にくる行為、つまり人間の ”創造性による初めての行為”とそのあとに残る風景の描写である。言いかえれば、初めて大地で行う人間特有の行動とその創造物から成り立つ風景「First Composition」である。





這是人類原始行為後的下一個動作,也就是「第一個基於創造而採取的行為」以及此行動所留下的景色。換句話說,第一次在大地上被實行的人類特有行為以及其產物所構築出的景象便是「First Composition」。


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