Tokyo, Japan​

The major awards Hase has received include “Lensculture Emerging Talent Awards” ( 2018, with the series ENA) , and “Tokyo International Photography Competition” (2016, with the series First Composition ),  "The best Single Photography Award - DALI International Photography Festival" (2019, with 181°) . He presented the series at the competition winners' exhibition, showcased at ​Singapore International Photography Festival​ ​(2016, Singapore​), U​nited Photo Industries​ ​(2017, New York)​ and​ T3 Photo Festival Tokyo​ ​(2017, Tokyo)​. 

神奈川県生、学習院大卒。7年間のニューヨーク滞在中に写真を始める。手作りのインスタレーションを実際の風景に設置する手法を使い、「人間の創造性 ー 空間」の調和が生み出す新しい“場景” (ジョウケイ) を撮影する。アメリカ(United Photo Industries)、台湾(FORMOSA)、シンガポール(Singapore International Photography Festival)、オランダ(Unseen)、フランス(Photo Saint-Germain /Zlotowski Gallery)、中国(大理国際写真祭、麗水国際写真祭)、バンコク(River City Gallery)、トルコ(SABANCI University Art Gallery)、東京(KANA KAWANISHI Gallery)、京都(Gallery Main)など、国内外の個展・アートフェアで作品を発表。2008年「The Happiness Within」でフジフォトサロン新人賞奨励賞、2016年 「First Composition」で T3 Photo Festival Tokyo(東京 上野公園)に受賞出展、2018年 「ENA」で LensCulture誌(オランダ)により世界の若手写真家50人に選出。主に東京のアトリエをベースに制作活動中。

Group Shows

2007 Fuji Photo salon Photo Award Winner Exhibition (Tokyo, Japan)
2014 UNSEEN (Amsterdam, Netherland)
2015 fotofever(Paris, France)
2016 Emon Photo Award Finalist Exhibition(Tokyo, Japan)
2016 Wonder Foto Day Festival(Taipei, Taiwan)
2016 New Japan Photo Issue.1 Special Exhibition MIDORI.so.2 Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2016 Wonder Foto Day Festival Award Winner's Exhibition(Taipei, Taiwan)
2016 Young Art Taipei 2016(Taipei, Taiwan)
2016 Singapore International Photography Festival(Singapore)
2016 Zlotowski Gallery(Paris, France)
2017 United Photo Industries(New York)
2017 Wonder Foto Day Festival (Taipei)
2017 T3 International Photography Festival(Tokyo)
2018 FORMOSA (Taipei)
2018 Klompching Gallery / Lensculture Emerging Talent Award Exhibition (New York)
2019 DALI International Photography Exhibition 2019大理国際写真祭(DALI, China)
2019 Lishui International Photography Exhibition 2019麗水国際写真祭(Lishui, China)

2021 UNSEEN(Amsterdam, Netherland)

Solo Shows

2012 「Incomplete」Hyatte Regency Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
2014 「181°」Project Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2015 Aesop (Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan)
2017 「almost nature」Courtyard Hiroo Gallery(Tokyo)
2018 「ENA」Yukai Hands Gallery(Tokyo)
2018 「ENA-ten」Courtyard Hiroo Gallery(Tokyo)
2018 「ENA」Kana Kawanishi Photography(Tokyo)
2018 「Refuse to Make Them Happen」G Gallery (Taipei)

2019 「ENA」Ena City Public Library (Gifu, Japan)
2019 「DESSIN」Kana Kawanishi Gallery(Tokyo)
2019 「181° – New Dimensions of Nature Landscapes」River City Gallery (Bangkok)

2020 「1st Composition」FASS ART Gallery - SABANCI University(Istanbul)

​2020 「ENA」Gallery Main(Kyoto)


2007 Fuji Photo salon Award Honorable Mention 「The Happiness Within」
2015 Emon Photo Award Finalist 「181°」
2016 Tokyo International Photography Competition 「First Composition」
2016 JP_EN, Heidi Romano Award 「ENA」
2016  Wonder Foto Day (Jury Award in 2016, 2018, 2019)
2018 Winner of Lensculture Emerging Talent Awards「ENA」
2019 DALI International Photography Exhibition – The Best Single Photography Award 金翅鳥最単幅奨「181°」