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There’s “something” concealed along the 180° horizon.

If 180° represents that entirely clear, unobstructed horizon,

By adding “something” – an intent – I’ve added just 1°.

Yet there is a world where, even in the presence of that 1°, 

That original scenery continues to exist in complete harmony.

For me, that represents the true 180°;

The world that I am witness to everywhere, all the time.   Yoshiki Hase

181° consists of a series of photographs which include handmade, geometric objects physically inserted into an expansive landscape, depicting human creativity against a backdrop that is largely undefined and difficult to pin down. Some of these objects are occasionally surreal and suggestive. By placing objects into these physical spaces, the onlooker intermittently experiences peculiar instances of visual harmony. It’s here that an entirely new scenery emerges from this cross-section of will and nature. 







COSMOSというギリシャ語には「宇宙」と同時に「装飾」という意味もあるという。自然の風景に人工の装飾を加え、新たに調和した風景を作り出す。写真の中のオブジェは実際の物体で、広大な大地に設置し撮影している。これは、ヒトの意思とそれ取り巻く空間 <宇宙> の風景である。

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