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It is something we must know. About a time when we were more respectful and prostrate.

We must remember that ecstasy, which was a part of something larger.

The colossus speaks, saying that we have no value remaining.

The severity of our forgetfulness has summoned strife.

Because our predecessors knew how we would forget, over and over, everything,

they bequeathed their thoughts to the colossus.  

Yoshiki Hase

Having placed themselves, over the course of a long stretch of time, at the pinnacle of the hierarchy of organisms, humankind, in the process of mastering the world, has ended up taking control of nature as well. On the other hand, the human animal has been on a search for a spiritual connection to a presence, such as god or nature, that was greater than themselves. Unable to designate our place in the world, we have continued to wander in doubt to this day. Throughout history, throughout various eras, we have built sculptures and figures in our images, and have engraved our physical forms, our spiritual minds, our humanity, and at times even a human-shaped "god-like presence" into these works of art.

While in this act of creating an image of the human form, I was struck with an idea -- to create "scenes in which stand figures," in the forests and on the sands. Not belonging completely to nature or humanity, and even if the form is missing portions -- such as the head or a body part -- making them incomplete, this does not mean that the figure lacks "life." The image of the figure standing against a backdrop of trees or sky is similar to the behavior or appearance that we humans displayed upon this planet, while simultaneously evoking a sense of something that we ourselves cannot access directly. By photographing these scenes of my own fiction, I hope to see with my own eyes the images of an era when humans still preserved their stillness and dignity, while simultaneously not having become such arrogant organisms.









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