Solo Exhibition ー almost nature ー 10.6 Fri – 10.22 Sun

会期:10月6日(金)- 22日(日)12:00-19:00 会期中無休
   オープニングレセプション 10月6日(金)17:00-21:00
場所:コートヤードHIROO ガロウ(3F)
   東京都港区西麻布 4-21-2 3F

個展 almost nature を開催いたします。
– almost nature – は、ここ約3年半にわたるコンテンポラリー写真への取り組みをご紹介する展覧会です。現在も継続中のプロジェクト「181°」と、同プロジェクトをベースに新たな視点を加えた「almost nature」を同時展示でご覧いただきます。近年、自然の空間のなかに自作の構造物を設置し撮影する作品に取り組んでいますが、その手法は両プロジェクトに共通しています。空間、自然、人間の創造性を巡るそれらの関係性と結びつき、
その結びつきの前提となるAesthetics Harmony(調和した美しさ)が作品の基礎となっています。「181°」からは、日本で初公開の新作を含む4枚を展示いたします。「almost nature」は、今回が初めての展示の機会となります。

Title Photo :
海上のオブジェII  波と風「通過」と「遮断」の検証モジュール
from project “almost nature”
100cm x 70cm Lambda Print 2017

Solo Exhibition – almost nature –
2017.10.6(Fri)- 10.22(Sun)12:00-19:00
Opening Reception: 2017.10.6(Fri)17:00-21:00
Courtyard HIROO(3F)4-21-2 Nishiazabu,Minato-ku,Tokyo

This exhibition for almost nature represents my 3 ½ year exploration of contemporary photography at this point in time. Rooted thematically in the same realm as that of my ongoing 181° project, almost nature introduces a slightly different lens through which similar themes are explored, with this particular exhibition hosting pieces from both projects alongside one another.
Tying together the two projects is the integration of objects and structures handcrafted by the artist, an ongoing practice and common through line for these recent works. Often seamlessly, however occasionally jarringly, each image is rooted in a vision of aesthetic harmony – a special relationship depicting the shared creativity of people, nature, and space, and the manner in which they serve to inform one another. Alongside this very first showing of pieces from almost nature, a number of photographs new to the 181° project are on display here for the first time in Japan, as well.