“ENA” New Photography book released

写真集 – ENA が5/9にユカイハンズパブリッシングより発売されます。
7年にわたり岐阜県山間の街 – 恵那で撮られてきた大判フィルム作品です。タイトルの ENA は、街の名前「恵那(えな)」だけではなく、天照大神の胎盤「胞衣(えな)」が納めれれたという古い伝説の残る地という意味も込められています。通常版と特別版の予約開始が、ユカイハンズパブリッシングのウェブサイトで始まっています。

– ENA – a new photography book is going to be released 2018 May 9th by YUKAI HANDS Publishing. ENA, a town in Gifu prefecture of Japan. There he documents portraits and landscapes of the beautiful nature and daily activities, with a collaborative direction with the models who actually reside in the town. The images posses a unique balance of straightforward portraits as well as set-up photography, which functions as a trigger to connect the viewers more closely to the local community and their resides and families. All images are shot by a large format camera and printed as Type C-prints.